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Some of these comments don't express what we think about our great 6 October war but we believe that everybody has the right to share his opinion with an open mind.


Good job guys. I've been eager to see a site about October War, other than from the western (Zionist) point of view. How dare they (Zionists) try to convince people that they won the war!! Then, why did they give up the rest of Sinai?!!!

I have been looking for some time about a site that deal with our October 73 war. Thanks for whoever responsible for creating and maintaining this site. I wish you could add some more details about the role of our chief of staff during the war, Gen. Saad Al-din Al-Shazly. And why president Sadat excused him from his post in spite of the technique of crossing of the Suez canal was his idea.


This war gives us a new way for freedom.

Email: IAF/IDA Officer

I am trying to figure it out...You (Arabs) lost ~8500 troops. We (Israel) lost ~2700 troops. We lost less than 150 planes. You lost more 300 planes (even according to Your data). We gain all territory we've lost after first days confusion (except small area on north of Sinai - Egypt troops there where completely out of support and would be fallen in several days). Our troops, were supplied from three bridges deep in Egypt territory. There was no Syrian troops on territory of Israel (including taken in 1967 war), your tanks were just several miles from Syria capital. Arabs air attack caused only marginal damage to our bases and cities. Israel air raids completely disabled several major Egypt bases and destroyed Syria Army HQ. And still, You're maybe right - we didn't win... Just because we didn't feel like winners. Possibly it's our major problem. And talking about You - just try to think what should be said about people which attacks on the holiest day of our enemy religion.

Look at: The October War and U.S. Policy