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Visitors' Comments

Some of these comments don't express what we think about our great 6 October war but we believe that everybody has the right to share his opinion with an open mind.


The war started with surprise to the Israeli side, but the Israeli's had done what no army in the world had done before. Within a week, the tide was turned, and both the Egyptian and Syrian army were drawn back as the Israeli army crossed the Suez, causing big amount of casualties to the Egyptians. In the Golan, IDF took back all the Golan area, plus more breaking the Syrian army. In the south Sadat, was panicking as Israeli forces were 100km from Cairo, encircling the 3rd army. This war is falsely described by Egypt to be a victory, attributed to the surprise of the first days. I was a soldier in Sinai saw the facts in my own eyes. I took part in the Suez canal crossing (under heavy 'Katiusha' rocket fire), and from there and on the Egyptian army was caught like 'sitting-ducks' with almost no will power to fight...More astonishing, were the air combat 'dog' fight between Israeli fighters and the Egyptian air force. They-the Egyptians- fell down like burning torches, pilots ejecting themselves whenever Israeli fighters came in, even before any missile was shot....What is called a "victory" by the Egyptians is just looking desperately for something which did not occur in reality. The rivalry between the Israeli generals, is an entirely internal Israeli affair which had no implication on the final result of the war, i.e. a victory over both the Egyptian and Syrian armies. The strategic result of this conflict was that, Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel, and Syria has practically ever abandoned any military campaigns against Israel.


I just want to ask any Israeli a simple question did you read what Henry Kissinger said about the Air Bridge that USA made to help the Israeli Army? If you did, what are you still talking about?!!! If you didn't, go look for his book, you still need to learn a lot. Once I asked an Israeli -who said "you (Egypt) didn't win Yom-Kippur?"!!! - so why you surrendered and gave back the land that you occupied after 1967 in Egyptian borders (Sinai)? because you are kind people or peace seekers?!!! Golda Meir said "that day is a nightmare that I will never wake up from for the rest of my life"