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Visitors' Comments

Some of these comments don't express what we think about our great 6 October war but we believe that everybody has the right to share his opinion with an open mind.


I have been searching for long time for a site that talks about Yom Kippur as what Israeli ppl say. All what I wanna say that this day was a tragic day for all Israeli ppl all over the world, and if they don't believe till now that they have lost. Maybe they can remember what Golda Meir said about this day "plz save Israel this is a nightmare and I will never wake up" ...the problem is not who won the war it is not a race, but it is an honor to get back our land and Israeli ppl must know that.


That is a great site, I'm looking forward to gather all Sadat Lovers to establish an Association for Sadat Lovers, I need email addresses of all those who love the man and contacts with people of similar interest.
Thank you.
Assistant Professor of Political Science


The site is good but why there is no pictures of this great war to show it to our friends. I am working in South Sinai from 1986 till now and sometimes I smell the blood of our Egyptian heroes on the sand of Sinai that beautiful & rich land, I hope you to carry on to improve this, the most important site and thanks for all of you.


Its really a great site, one of my friends was talking with me about that there is no site for ''6 of October war'' so I decided to search about it and I found this successful site, go on and I hope more and more information about the secrets of this war, I read most of the opinions of this site's visitor, and I want to reply on what IAF/IDA Officer said about that we r not good to attack on the holiest day of their religion, I want to tell u something ''u r very sad that we did that and it was our land and our right, what about people that haven't any right to attack and take lands from their owners and killing not just men that trying to defend their rights but they kill also women and children, and at last call them "terrorists"