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Visitors' Comments

Some of these comments don't express what we think about our great 6 October war but we believe that everybody has the right to share his opinion with an open mind.


Hello everyone, I read all the comments in the site and it feels, I am sorry to say, like children talks. Who won the war, who is stronger or braver. I am Israeli. there is no doubt that the Yom Kippur war is a tragic event in the history of Israel, and the region, first of all because thousands of brave young men died on both side. To the Arab readers I want to say that the Yom Kippur war proved that you guys know how to fight, I don't understand who was stupid enough to think otherwise in the first place. As an Israeli who knows a lot about this war since in Israel every men at the right age was there, I am telling you Israelis fought just as brave as you guys. Now is the time to leave all that behind and search for ways to bravely live together without war!!!


You must live in a parallel reality. The Bar-Lev Line wasn't a continuous fortification running kilometers North-South. It wasn't a Magneto Line in the desert. It was a string of relatively small and isolated positions on the canal. What's really interesting is that you bypassed all of them instead of taking them. The ones who surrendered did so after a week's fighting and 70% casualties.


Thanks to our men for victory and their efforts to advocate the home.


The basic reason is the will of Allah no place for luck. If we work hard our results will be success. If the cooperation between Arab country done we will be the best nation. Thanks to Allah and our men for this victory,  nobody can deny this great victory in 1973. My words can't express my happiness about it.


I spent a lot of time collecting data about Yom Kippur war, a lot of stuff were true but others were fake, what I really like in this site that it contains a lot of information regarding all the war point of view and also the sources of each piece of information. They were people lost their lives for saving this country, Thank You