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Visitors' Comments

Some of these comments don't express what we think about our great 6 October war but we believe that everybody has the right to share his opinion with an open mind.


What a great web site. for all those who helped put this together, well done, you make your country proud. It is about time that the world hears, listens, and reads about the truth of the 6th of October war 1973. I was shocked when I went over seas and realized how ignorant the rest of the English speaking world is. I don't want to generalize, but most of those interested in war and fighter airplanes and so on, truly believe that Israel won the war!!! amazing isn't it?? I took a pledge, to invite everyone I know overseas to Egypt, so they can see for themselves. what better proof do they need more than seeing the Egyptian flag flying freely over the Sinai peninsula?!! I would love to see the look on their faces when I take them to the museums and show them pictures, wreckages and transcripts by high ranking Israeli officials admitting defeat! it also surprises me when someone says that how do you attack someone on their holy day, well let me first start by telling you that one of the names of this war is 10th of Ramadan, Ramadan is a holy month, not only that, it is a month where Arabs fast from sunrise to sunset. that means that before the war started, the Arab soldiers were fasting for 10 days, and when they had the orders to attack, some of them were fasting already so stop that pathetic comment about holy days please!!. we are not going to go down that alley of holy days and places, especially with people who don't respect such a word. I really admire the comment from Aron, from Birmingham, England. it is always an honor to know that people like that do exist. I am proud to be an EGYPTIAN and I will always be.


Thank you for this great website. The 1973 war made every Arabic person very proud. God bless Egypt
ALLAh yehfaz wa Yehmee Maser


I think this website has a great deal of information! I recommended it as one of the best 100 arabic historical websites


I am one of the October generation who lived these great events that will still alive in my mind now my son is asking about October's war because they started to study it in school and this site will give him the truth about our victory. Please put more details about it because my son is going to make a research about it in his history class here in Canada and he is proud being Egyptian. Thank you for your great effort making this site an internet reference