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Some of these comments don't express what we think about our great 6 October war but we believe that everybody has the right to share his opinion with an open mind.


I am born at 1990 & I am very happy to visit a useful web site to learn more about 6 October. Thanks to the active team work


Thank you very much for the site I do not know any of you but thanks I am one of the believer of Egypt and in your web site I saw Egypt without + or - addition and hope to see the site increase

عاشت مصر هلال و صليب      يعلا مجدها ولا يوم يغيب

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My son read in his school book that Yom Kippur war ended with counter attack by Israel and Israel was the final winner of the war. Please, add logic explanation for the wrong information that the media in Canada and USA have about the end result of this war. This site does not contain a replay to those who say that the war ended by Israeli occupation of the western side of Sinai

Look at: The last day of the war and also The National Security Archive, The October War and U.S Policy