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Visitors' Comments

Some of these comments don't express what we think about our great 6 October war but we believe that everybody has the right to share his opinion with an open mind.


During the war of attrition I had finished a stint of reserve
duty on the canal. I traveled to London and a bunch of Arabs from various countries were pointing to me and swearing in Arabic which I dont (yet) understand. After they left, an Egyptian approached me and predicted the 73 war. We talked for hours. He had just left the army. At the end we hugged - we had endured the same war and suffered. He said he felt closer to me than the other Arabs as we had suffered together. I saw so much death in 73. Every time I closed my eyes I thought of my Egyptian friend - I really really believe he thought of me.

I was a zodiac boat operator in the Israeli engineers crossing into "Africa" as we used to joke. We were then based near Ismailia where we found and re-conditioned an effendis 46 Dodge( between being shelled) It was indeed the most traumatic part of my life. YES we lost. War is not a football match as it sounds from some of the writers. We lost because thousands of our young men died - and that's the only reason - nothing else counts. Most of the Jews came in absolute desperation after the holocaust ( not diamonds oil - unfortunately Israel and Palestine is mainly rocks and sand) and couldn't trust anyone. After 2000 years of a history of persecution we needed and apparently still need a country. For survival - only. After 73 we are still alive and prospering. So maybe, for us, that loss was a victory.

Look at: Sharon failed to occupy Al-Ismailia City


I thought the Arabs referred to the 1973 war as the Ramadan war. While I am sympathetic to the Egyptians and Arabs, I was a bit surprised that such a site has Yom Kippur in its title.