Deception plan
Barlev Line
Egyptian crossing to Sinai
Assaf Yagoury the most famous Israeli captive
American airlift
Deversoir operation (The Gap)

Gamal Abdel Nasser
Anwar Al-Sadat
Memorials of Israeli soldier about Yom Kippur War
Israeli Intelligence and the Yom Kippur War of 1973
Photos of war
Operation Nickel Grass (American Airlift)(Update)
Anwar Al Sadat man of the year ( Time 1977)
President Anwar Sadat's Address to the Israeli Knesset
The Nobel Peace Prize for 1978
Al-Ahram Weekly Celebrate October War Jubilee
Website of Chief of General Staff Saad Al Shazly

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This site is dedicated to 6 October war which is worldwide known as Yom Kippur. This war happened on 6th of October 1973 when Egypt and Syria declared the war against Israel to restore back the Egyptian and the Syrian lands, which were unrightfully occupied by Israel in 1967, not to assault on othersí rights as it was published on different western and Israeli websites.


The site will only cover the war on Egyptian front due to lack of sources about the war on Golan Heights (Syrian Front).


"By all military measures, 6th of October war can be described, at least, as a military miracle" Anwar Al Saddat (The late Egyptian president during war) in October 16th, 1973.


If anyone carefully examined the incidents of 6th of October war, he would realize that Al Saddat and all his men at that time, such as Ahmed Ismail, the General Commander, Saad Al Shazley, the Chief Of Staff, and others, had bear the burden of war during very difficult circumstances. On the economic level, Egypt was suffering from extreme spreading poverty due to the consequent wars and its losses. While on the military level, Egyptís circumstances would not have bear another defeat after what happened in the War of 1967 and the massacre, which the Egyptian Military forces were exposed at that time. Therefore, regardless of these great people's mistakes which were done unintentionally, or for political reasons, we have to greet them for the great achievement, which have engraved by their hands and souls in the page of our history.

In order to totally comprehend and appreciate this military miracle, we have to get to know:

After War
 - The Agranat Commission
 -  The Peace treaty (soon)

(Conversation between Prime Minister Golda Meir and Dr. Henry A.  Kissinger, Secretary of the state. The place: The Guest House (Herzilyya) near Tel Aviv. Monday 22 October 1973 .

Kissinger: If some steadiness could be produced (from Egyptian Forces), maybe your force (across the canal) would collapse.
Meir: They (The Egyptian Forces) didn't collapse, but they're in disorder. But it is not like 1967. Read it all here ( The National Security Archive, The October War and U.S Policy)

Why Yom Kippur day?
What is Barlev Line?
Why Egypt not did extend its attack to the passes?
What about the reality of the American airlift?
Had the Israeli crossing towards the canal realized the military objective of Israel?
How did the war stop?
What was the situation on 28 October the last day of the war?

Hassan Abu Sa'da

The mysterious


Sharon in 1973 war

Weapons were used in the war

First: The egyptians weapons which most from the former Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.)

1- Mig aircraft (soon)

Second: The Israeli weapons which most from U.S.A.

1- Phantom aircraft

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