It seems to be the Television Building

( when they removed the bandage off my eyes then the broadcaster stating his dialogue with me, I could not open my eyes because of the intensive lights in the studio, then I glanced at faces surrounding me while they were looking at me with pride and curiosity.

There had been among people a young man smoking in nervousness, gazing at me with sharp gazes then talking with his fellows.

After the end of recording with me for the Television then for Radio Cairo in Hebrew, they conducted me to my prison. They arranged for me upon my demand, along my captivity, a number of tours to the Pyramids, Hilton Hotel and meeting some Jews who were still living in Egypt.

During my captivity period, I was asking myself whether the rest of my colleagues found their way to a safe place. After my return, I was astonished of the size of our losses although no real figures had been declared till then about these losses.

I am too perplexed, how did that happen to our invincible army, with its long arm and wide experience? how could we find ourselves in this shameful position? how did our army lose the speed of movement and its permanent alertness?)-memoirs of Assaf Yagoury the most famous Israeli captive.

Source: Maariv 7/2/1975

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