After June 1967,

the chief editor of Der Speigel, the western German Magazine sent a letter to Golda Meir, prime minister of Israel, telling her astonishingly "Madam, I feel sorry very much that I issued an annex to the magazine special for the Israeli victory in German language, I will oblige editors to learn Hebrew.....the language of the invincible army".

After few days of October’s war, on 22/11/1973, Der Speigel, the western German magazine said "The Egyptian requisition of Barlev Line, made all the Arab Nation remove effects of contempt suffered since 1967)

Source: "The Flood"- edition 1977 by Hamdy El Konayessy, writer, famous broadcaster (now) military correspondent during October war, with his most famous programs "Voice of the battle" "Dailies of a military correspondent".

United press agency said ( Relinquishment of Israel of the invincible Barlev Line on the western bank of Suez Canal is considered the worst military relapse in its history.

The agency added that the Israelis who were staying behind Barlev Line, were always saying that they feel complete security behind a fortress that can never be requisitioned. Now this fortress became in the Egyptian hands, containing a great number of strongholds which include play yards, swimming pools, sleeping rooms and kitchens. The street man in Israel asks himself whether Egyptian soldier staying instead of the Israeli soldier, eat hot food, enjoy fresh water, watch films and play volleyball).

Source : Al Akhbar Newspaper 11/10/1973.

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