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Israel realized victory in 5th of June 1967 war, and occupied Egyptian Peninsula of Sinai, the Syrian Golan Heights, and the western Bank of Jordan.

Egypt lost more than 85% of its Air Force in June war.

Absence of a withdrawal plan caused the perishing of men and equipments of the Egyptian army.

9/6/1967, President Gamal Abd Al-Nasser resign.

Demonstration of sympathy by people of Egypt, demanding the president to continue in the government.

Field Marshal Mohamed Fawzi was posted as the general leader of the armed forces instead of Abd Al-Hakeem Amer, and Marshal Abd Al-Moneim Riad as chief of the general staff.

Abd Al-Nasser ask for fully rearmament of the Egyptian army, who lost everything in 1967, from the Soviet Union.

Purchases weapons are concluded by agreements and financial loans, which allow periods up to ten years at rate of interest of 2.5%.

Arrival of Soviet experts for training of Egyptian army on Russian weapons.

Ras Al-Esh Battle on July 1, 1967.

Arab summit, August 1967, Arab decided to help Egypt.

Abd Al-Hakeem Amer committed suicide on 13/9/1967 and the trial of Shams Badran.

Sinking of the military destroyer Eilat.

Issuance of Security Council’s Resolution No. 242 on 11/11/1967.

March 1969, beginning of Attrition War.

22 January 1970, Abd Al-Nasser travels to Moscow for air defense equipments to overthrow Israeli aircrafts.

Egypt ended air defense network through night hours before the first hour of the morning of the eighth of August 1970. Rogers Plan for cease-fire on eighth of August 1970. The end of Attrition War.

Gamal Abd Al-Nasser died on September 28, 1970.

President Anwar Al-Sadat is the next to Gamal Abd Al-Nasser, sticking to the principle of Abd Al-Nasser "What was taken by force, can not be returned except by force".

Correction revolution or the internal war to eliminate corruption or what was known as power centers on 15th of May 1970.

Sadat tries to get back Sinai through peace.

Soviet Union does not fulfill its promises of sending Russian weapons in 1971, the first year of decision of Sadat which has not been carried out.

The Soviet Union did not fulfill its promises at the end of 1971 to send weapons to Egypt that let to the failure of the second decision year 1972.

Sadat ended the services of Soviet experts in Egypt as a response to the Soviet Union
on 8th of July 1972.

Sadat is the crying wolf and a clown in the eyes of worldwide media.

October 1972, Sadat removes minister of war Mohamed Sadek and appoints Ahmed Ismail.

Preparations for the war and the deception plan.

6th October War

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