What about the reality of the American airlift and where was the Russian airlift?

U.S.A. established an airlift to compensate the losses of the Israeli army of aircrafts and tanks and others, since the 10th of October unofficially, and on 13th of October the American airlift became official under the name of "Nickel Grass" where used C5 and C141 which are American giant military transport aircrafts. You can follow up their specification and have information about Nickel Grass operation or the American airlift from these sites:

The aircraft C5

The aircraft C141

The chief of operations organization of the war of 1973, Mohamed Abdel Ghany Al-Gamsy stated in his memorials (Israel had not been satisfied by the seven Jambo jets of "El Al" company to transport their needs of weapons and equipment. Israel tried to rent American civil aircrafts to secure a rapid transport, but air companies refused for fear of Arab boycott, so they used the American military aircrafts for weapons and equipment transport. This airlift continued for 33 days from 13 October to 14 November 1973...)

About the Soviet airlift, Gamal Hammad, the military historian, in his book "Military Battles on the Egyptian Front" says ( it had been difficult to compensate losses of tanks, specially where had been no reserves in the stores of the Egyptian military forces. And the Soviet sent 400 tanks type T55 and T62 from Odessa port on the black sea to the Syrian Latakia port (Syria's main port on the north coast), that could not result in arrival of any shipments of new Soviet tanks to Egypt)-Gamal Hammad.

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