David Elazar, Israeli Chief of Staff

says about the day of 10 October 1973 (Yesterday evening the aircrafts came which were sent by the United States to compensate all our lost ones till now, they came from American bases in Europe with the label of our air force. It started fighting after limited moments)- David Elazar.

He says also on 13th of October ( Nickel Grass operation continued under commandment and supervision of one top responsible of American ministry of defense. The giant aircrafts of type C5 and C141, set off from military bases where it had been charged with equipment and weapons... that airlift become the only hope till we return our breathers)-David Elazar.

In her book "My life" Golda Meir, Israeli prime Minister then says:

(The arrival of American transport aircraft C5, transporting military equipment and weapons continuously saved Israel of its worst fate, I remember that on 7 October, I contacted again our Ambassador in the U.S.A. who told me that it was three O’clock in the morning and I can not awaken any American responsible now. I said to him that is not my concern what is the time now, death swallow our soldiers and any retarded hour cost us too much, awaken them all, contact doctor Kissinger immediately... Kissinger replied that giant aircrafts type C 141 received the president's order to transport all required)-Golda Meir

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