What had been the situation on the Egyptian front on 28th of October the last day of the war?

The Egyptian military leadership issued a military statement briefing the military situation on 24 October, morning Saying:

(Our forces in Sinai returned the eastern bank of the Suez canal along the way from Por-Fouad at the north with a length of 200 Km, and depth from 12 to 17 km along the front including Al-Kantara–East city, except a small gap from El Deversoir at the north along seven Km, adjoining Al Morra (bitter) lakes. The surface at the east of the Canal (Sinai) under our forces control is 3000 square Kilometers.

There is absolutely no enemy forces in any of the main cities of the canal: Suez, Ismailia and Por–Said.

There are some enemy units scattered and interlacing between our forces at certain parts at the west of the canal. The enemy tried this morning, 24 October to cut the roads leading to Suez city but our forces are preventing it to do so

Provisions to all our forces at the east of the canal are continuous regularly and have not stopped at all)-the statement is stated in the memorials of the chief of operations staff of the war of October 1973- General Mohamed El Gamsy.

Thus, the situation continued till the end of the war, as the Israeli forces failed to enter Suez city, and 25 October became a national feast for this city after this. But the enemy cut the road (Cairo–Suez), at this time the war stopped with the arrival of the international emergency forces on 28 of October 1973.

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