How did the war stop ?

On 21st of October, the Security council issued a cease-fire resolution No. 338, and both Egypt and Israel accepted it from 22 October 1973.

Mohamed Abdel Ghany Al-Gamsy– chief of operations of the war of 1973 states in his memorials (when fighting stopped after the resolution of the Security Council on 22 October, Israel had not been realized a military objective because it failed to oblige us to withdraw our forces from the east of the canal to its west....That is why Israel decided to do more effort to achieve an amount of political and military gains before being obliged to cease-fire, for making so, it pushed new forces to the west of the canal at the nights of 22/23 and 23/24 October to support its forces at the Deversoir region, then it continued fighting and advanced towards the south to reach the rear of the third army to cut Cairo-Suez road and to occupy Suez city)-Al Gamsy

On 23 October, the Security Council issued a resolution No. 339 confirming the previous decisions. Egypt and Israel agreed to cease-fire from 24 October, morning.

About this Al Gamsy says (In spite of respect of Israel confirming resolution No. 339 officially, but it left to its army the option of military action hoping to occupy Suez city, by which it would achieve a political target with high political, military and media effect)-Al Gamsy Memorials.

Israel's attempts failed to occupy Suez city on 24 and 25 October, but Israeli forces cut the Cairo-Suez road.

Fighting stopped only on 28 of October with the arrival of the United Nations Forces to Suez Canal region.

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